Pending and Desired OpenAFS Projects

Pending Projects

The following are items known to be in progress, and, where available, a point of contact.

  • ?WindowsIFS -- Implement AFS as a Windows installable file system instead of as a virtual SMB server. In Progress. Contact Jeffrey Altman

  • WindowsAFSServers - Stabilize the AFS Servers running on Microsoft Windows. Contact Jeffrey Altman

  • DisconnectedOperation provides the ability to use AFS while not connected to a network.

  • FreeBSDPort -- Server ported. Cache manager available, not stable yet.

  • ?HPUX11Port -- Missing RX code reconstructed. Header needed, available from HP. Available in 1.2.10.

  • ?NetBSDPort -- No timeline available.

  • ?OpenBSDPort -- In progress. Cache manager available, not stable yet.

  • ?AutoConf with automake too. In progress. Contact Derrick Brashear.

  • ?AmandaBackup -- Support for backup using Amanda. In progress. Contact Mitch Collinsworth.

  • BetterDocumentation -- Contact Russ Allbery

  • MaemoPort -- Porting to the Nokia N8x0 Internet Tablet. Contact Derrick Brashear or Jason Edgecombe

Proposed Projects

The following are items which have been proposed, but which are not yet in progress. A point of contact is included where appropriate.

  • ?SupportIPv6

  • ?MultipleClones provides support for more than one backup and read-only volume for a single read/write.

  • Selectable Ubik Tie Breaker -- proposes to change lowest IP metric to something administrator-selectable.

  • ?VolumeDumpEditor -- Need tool to allow editing volume dumps.

  • ?BetterServerPreferences allow selectable continuous or on-demand server preferences in clients based on available information about Rx connection round trip times instead of classful networking approach currently used. Contact Derrick Brashear. Do this for vldb servers too, or is that a separate project? Ted Anderson

  • ?NFSTranslatorServer -- Create an AFS/NFS translator for OpenAFS because there were licensing issues with the code in the IBM/Transarc product. A Solaris-only version will be supported with and after 1.2.8. Another approach is a user-mode implementation. Contact Jeffrey Hutzelman.

  • ?PartitionUUID -- Create partition UUIDs such that the vldb can be rapdily updated if a disk is moved from one machine to another. Contact Derrick Brashear.

  • ByteRangeLocks would improve support for applications that use them especially those on Windows platforms.

* Revamping the Callback mechanism. See discussion on afs3-standardization at mailing list.

  • ?AutomatedTests - Have buildbot automatically run unit tests on a regular basis. Contact Jason Edgecombe

Copied by Ted Anderson with some minor edits from (dated 17-Oct-2001).